Plan Printing & Copying

We have a Xerox Docuwide 3030 Plan Printer which can output drawings at 1:1 scale in sizes of A0, A1 & A2 from a  hardcopy or from a digital pdf file. We can also produce enlargements and reductions with a ratio between 45% to 200%.

Alternatively we can print line drawings in either colour or black & white at any size from a supplied pdf file.




  • Output from Xerox is black and white and is particularly suitable for Architectural & Line Drawings
  • Option of colour linework is avaliable only from a pdf file.
  • Outputs are printed onto 80gsm Bond.
  • Outputs at 1:1 (100%) or Reduction and Enlargments from 45% to 200%.
Email us your plans or drawings and we can print it fast with our Xerox machine.
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